HEAVY BRAIN of ideas

We could say, A good idea come to mind suddenly why we keep thinking about that always.

We Made

브랜딩, 광고, 로고, CI.BI, 포스터, 브로슈어, 카탈로그, 리플렛, POP(Display), 와블러, 패키지, 웹사이트(홈페이지), 상세페이지, 3D모델링+랜더링, UI, UX, 현수막, 방송판넬, 배너 등 다양한 디자인 작업을 수행하는 업체입니다.

문의사항은  Contact 에 남겨주시거나 유선 연락 주시면 친절히 상담해 드리겠습니다.

2015 Company Brief . Download

  • We, Heavy Brain, are the design group that makes new thinking from the existing approaches in times of convulsion.
  • We, Heavy Brain, pursues a naturally acceptable design that, is not a only designers and directors want, but lead to develop better communication with everyone, with minimum of commercial purposes.
  • As a result of these efforts and knowhow,
    We, Heavy Brain, would like to repay various outcomes to you.